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Super Sam is a 9 year old Super Kid! He loves swimming and football and is even the school sports captain! When Sam’s not playing sports, he loves solving crossword puzzles. His favorite food is wheat pancakes with honey. His superpowers include incredible strength and zippy speed.


Tennis, dancing, reading and solving math equations are some of the things that 8 year old, Super Sara is excellent at. Besides these activities she also enjoys baking oatmeal cookies with her mom and is the school's pole vault champion. Her superpowers include good memory and eagle eyes.

About SuperKidz

SuperKidz is an initiative of the Beat Diabetes programme aimed at helping kids know more about the benefits of eating healthy and getting active. Through school and mall activations and with the support of our regional partners, we reached over 48 schools & 30,000 children, raising their awareness on the value of healthy lifestyles. As part of this program kids aged 4 – 12 participate in a range of activities from fitness to awareness. One of our key highlights is an annual creative competition encouraging children to think deeply about their food and lifestyle choices.

On Beat Diabetes Day, we will be engaging all children aged 7 and below in an art & costume competition as well. All children are asked to come to the park dressed as their favourite blue superhero. The best dressed win fabulous prizes on Beat Diabetes Day!

This year we will soon announce the launch our 2021 edition of the competition! Stay tuned for updates from SuperKidz!


Download the Super Kidz comic books and start a fun and engaging journey that will encourage children to lead a balanced and healthy life by eating right and being active.

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