Beat diabetes | About Beat Diabetes_en_18-10-21

About Beat Diabetes_en_18-10-21

Worldwide, diabetes is recognized as a growing epidemic. An estimated 415 million, people are living with diabetes and by 2040 this number is expected to rise to 642 million.

Closer to home, in the MENA region the numbers are even more alarming with over 9% of the population diagnosed with diabetes. The MENA region, also has over 14.4 million people that are living with diabetes who are not diagnosed. The greatest cause of concern is the lack of awareness about the condition.

The Landmark Group acknowledged its vast network of stores and the millions of customers that visit them every single day, and saw a unique opportunity to make a difference. With the aim of creating awareness about the prevention and management of diabetes, the Beat Diabetes initiative was launched in 2009 in UAE as part of the Group's Corporate Social Responsibility.

Over the last ten years, the initiative has expanded to - Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, KSA, Qatar and India. Beat Diabetes has touched the lives of millions of people through year-round community engagement programs like the – Annual Walk, Testing Camps, Healthy Cookbook, Fundraising Initiatives and other activities. The initiative advocates diabetes prevention and management by following three simple steps – Eat Healthy, Get Active and Take the Test.